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Mission Accomplished...mostly

Well, mission accomplished....I launched my drone successfully and put a quick edit together. In all honesty, this was my second flight with the Phantom 4.

Day 1: I got registered with the FAA on Saturday and then ran out of light as I was trying to make the app connect to the correct aircraft. There was only one drone, but the app thought it was a different model...So when did I launch for the first time? and did I capture that on film too? Like every single impatient kid with a new toy I did exactly what you shouldn't. It sounded like a great idea at the time. I looked across the room inside the house and said...."cathedral ceilings, this will work..I mean there is no wind". Stupid. You see it was foolproof. There is a hover setting where the drone lifts up 3.9 feet off the ground and just stays there and then you can land it. Absolutely 3....2....1...."are you sure you want to take off? Slide the bar to the right". Immediately, the four propellers began spinning with great velocity and all of the sudden there was a gust of wind and the loose carpets started lifting up....BECAUSE SCIENCY SCIENCE. 4 propellers would create wind, right?? The world went to slow motion as I frantically hit RTH(return to home auto-landing feature). The wind was guiding the quad copter (in slow motion as I am saying "noooooooooo") into the fireplace (not lit)....Now imagine the sound of a pencil sharpener when you put a brand new pencil in and you push down. That was the same sound of one of the propellers being sanded down. I finally was able to grab the bottom of the drone and wrassle it to the ground....success....kind of. Me = shaking....bad idea lady. (A quick note: when suggesting to a friend that as a safety tip you shouldn't fly your drone inside, he confirmed what I already knew....we ALL act upon this fantastic idea).

Day 2:

All charged up - 2 batteries and the remote control. It was much chillier today and a small bit of wind....but nothing to write home about. Time to take to the skies. 2 launches today. The first went great with the exception of my frostbitten fingers. 28 degrees is far too cold for me to not have gloves on my hands--even if only for 7 minutes. That was a horrendously painful warm-up. After defrosting, I launched again. You see this drone can go 19,000 feet into the air. I cannot since I don't have an unmanned license from the FAA, but I can go line of sight up to 400 feet. I decided to go up to about 300 feet, when all the sudden the screen reads "high wind velocity warning"....Me-shaking again, this time was able to get down to an area with calm wind and no problems. It certainly sent my pulse through the roof... All is well that ends well and I got some cool footage over the vineyard. Practice makes perfect and I can't wait to launch again....There are some super cool features on this drone.

If you would like to try your hand at it...go here...make sure that you get the DJI Care for when you fly your drone inside (see above-terrible idea)

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