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"No corkscrew? No a bottle of wine with only a shoe!!" Here are the tools you will need....a recent vintage wine, without a synthetic cork, a man's dress shoe with absolutely no padding, a brick or concrete wall, strong-rope-like arms & meat packing hands, and a half hour to an hour. see video here for instruction:

Good luck, we're all counting on you...

Alternate methods for opening wine without corkscrew:

Materials needed: Power drill + coffee filter + carafe or decanter. Any wine will do, skip the synthetic cork once again but it would probably work. Drill hole through cork with big enough bit to create a hole to pour through. use coffee filter to separate cork pieces

Materials needed: Awl + hammer + coffee filter. Again, no to synthetic cork

I think what we have learned here is that you should avoid synthetic corks at all costs.

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